DANCE ON pilot project: New CREATIONS for dancers aged 40+

What would it be like if exceptional dancers didn’t retire at 40 but continued showing their great art on stage?

The image of dance is stamped with the extraordinary ability of young dancers. There are almost no choreographies that are suitable for the changed physical conditions of older dancers and very few dance companies that employ dancers aged over 40. This is a loss for dance and society, as experienced, mature dancers are especially capable of reaching the intellectual and emotional depths of choreographic material. Their radiance and impressive interpretative powers expand the audience’s dance experience by a key dimension.

creates a unique perspective on the development and presentation of this artistic potential. Internationally renowned choreographers and artists will be working with dancers from the project ensemble to create DANCE ON 1st EDITION, a basic repertoire of works for dancers aged over 40.

The DANCE ON FESTIVAL, with commissioned productions, international guest performances and a symposium, will mark a highlight of the pilot project. The DANCE ON 1st EDITION will tour nationally and internationally and reach a large audience. The cross-generational educational programme DANCE ON LOCAL, which will accompany the performances on the road, will generate sustainable socio-political stimuli in the local area. DANCE ON RESEARCH enriches the largely undeveloped body of research for Dance and Age with scientifically evaluated knowledge gained from the project.

will create strong alliances with co-production partners – on an national and international level. These alliances will ensure the DANCE ON concept is implemented sustainably and make an active contribution to establishing a dance repertoire 40+.