1) How should I submit my application?

Applications must be submitted in an electronic format. Please email the required documents to DIEHL+RITTER gUG, the organisation responsible for running the TANZPAKT RECONNECT funding programme, by midnight on 15th September 2020, using the email address reconnect at diehl-ritter dot de

If possible, please submit your application a few days or hours before the final deadline, to avoid our server becoming overwhelmed by too many messages coming in at the same time.

2) Who can apply?

Artists, ensembles, collectives, production centres, venues, festivals, archives, production companies and dance networks are all eligible to apply. Individual applicants and organisations must be resident and based in Germany.

Please note: As part of the rescue programme for dance, TANZPAKT RECONNECT aims to strengthen organisations and structures that are not primarily publicly funded. This only applies to core funding and everyday running costs, not to one-off artistic projects that are receiving public funds.

3) How many applicants should there be for collaborative projects or networks comprising several partner organisations?

For collaborative projects or networks, only one individual or partner organisation should apply on behalf of the entire project. If funding is approved, this individual or organisation will become the DIEHL+RITTER contractual partner. The funding programme does not specify how a network should choose its main applicant.

4) Who can I contact with questions?


Riccarda Herre and Isabel Niederhagen

Katharina von Wilcke

T. 030-818282-33 / -34
E. reconnect at diehl-ritter dot de

5) What is the earliest point at which project activities can begin? When must they be completed?

Funding will not be granted if the project has begun before the jury meets to make its decision. No costs can be incurred nor contracts be concluded before this time. The earliest start date is 1st November 2020, and projects must have finished by October 31st 2021.

6) Can funding from TANZPAKT RECONNECT be combined with other sources of funding?

Funding from the TANZPAKT RECONNECT programme cannot be used for measures that are eligible for funding from other state or federal rescue and support programmes in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

If your project is receiving funding from a federal funding programme that is not related to Covid-19, you must ensure that the different sources of funding are used for separate purposes and can be clearly delineated from each other.

We are working closely with the relevant federal funding programmes in the emergency programme "Neustart Kultur" to give you the most up-to-date information in this regard.

7) Do I need to secure co-financing?

Candidates must provide 10% of co-financing from the organisation’s own resources, from financial contributions from third parties, non-cash contributions, or via personnel costs* that are demonstrably and directly related to the project.

* a flat fee of EUR 15 per hour worked (60 minutes), up to a maximum of 10% of the total expenditure eligible for funding, capped at EUR 10,000. Only hours that have actually been worked and documented via signed timesheets will be taken into account.

8) Is there a minimum and maximum amount that I can apply for?

The grant requested should be no less than 50,000 Euro and no more than 250,000 Euro.

9) Which costs cannot be included in the budget?

Please also note that hospitality costs and construction work are not eligible for funding.

10) On what formal grounds can an application be rejected?

The following points will result in an application being rejected on formal grounds:
- submitting after the deadline has passed (15th September 2020, 24:00),
- submitting incomplete application documents,
- starting project activities before the jury has convened to make its decision.

11) Do I need to open a separate bank account for the project?

Yes, it is necessary to open a dedicated bank account for the project; however, this does not need to happen until your project is selected for funding and the grant agreement has been concluded.

12) Can I claim a legal right to funding?

No, there is no legal entitlement to receiving funding from DIEHL+RITTER gUG as part of TANZPAKT RECONNECT.

13) How and when will I be informed about the jury’s decision?

Applicants will be informed about the jury’s decision by email directly after the jury meeting.

14) Can I apply to several funding programmes with the same project?

Yes, you can apply to more than one funding programme with the same project. Once approved by one programme, however, you must withdraw all other pending funding applications. As a general rule, only one grant can be awarded per project.